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My blog

Since the end of 2004, I have always had a blog in which I poured anecdotes, experiences and opinions. The current one is (in Spanish) but it is mostly inactive now. The previous ones can be found in the links section there (also in Spanish).

My name

I use two variants of my name, the official one and the more casual and international one.

  • My complete, official name is David Sevilla González. This follows the Spanish convention: two last names, one from my father and one from my mother; in turn, they have two last names each, etc. Indeed, my father is Domingo Sevilla Sánchez and my mother is Guadalupe González Martínez. My name is sometimes wrongly assumed to be Mr. González (Sevilla being a middle name under that assumption). The traditional order is father's first but it has been allowed for some years now to change the order if the parents want.
  • On the other hand, for simplicity I am usually called just David Sevilla, even in Spain. This fits the naming conventions of other countries, where there is only one last/family name, and also the usual scientific naming for authorship of published articles.

My family name "Sevilla" is the same as that of that of the famous Spanish city; it probably has to do with some ancestor of mine converting to Christianity in the times of the Reconquista (the re-conquest of the Spanish peninsula by Christian kingdoms) and changing his name to avoid problems (he may have lived in the city at that time, hence the choice). My family name "González" means "son of Gonzalo" (Gonzalo is an old Spanish name) and it is a common Spanish family name.

My daughter Riim's full name also follows this naming convention.

Some photos

I tend to take a huge amount of pictures, so it is unavoidable that from time to time I get some pictures I am really happy about. Here is my small collection (reduced versions).